Eva Foley Furrer

Eva + Herr Furrer
Eva + Herr Furrer

after college:

exchange student Benicia-California,

apprenticeship Polydesigner,

business course KLZ Zürich,

selfemployed at my art studio

 in 2018 equine assisted activity EAA zertificate www.trik.at

part time job as a animal assisted therapist


 several courses, zertificates

ever since then worked with my ponies, dogs and guinea pigs for special need kids and adults.

visiting  drug rehab centers, nursery homes, special need schools.

 first module in lámh for communicating with non verbal kids

still doing illustrations/ silkscreen for private or as an order.





eva foley furrer




animal assisted therapy, holistic training


Kill, Kildare

Mo - Fr


tígh an champ

Rusheennamanagh,Carna, Galway

Weekends and school holidays


00353 89 499 4662